Ambiance_ouvert_angleNaturex is a Canadian manufacturing, distribution and service company operating in the environment control industry. Specifically, Naturex specializes in ambient air sanitation inside all types of establishments, by injecting fragrances derived from essential oils (aromatic plant oils). The Naturex fragrances, from the pleasant scents that they exhale, create a particular mood that can provide psychic benefits to the ones exposed to them and economic benefits for the enterprise.


Odors are with us every day, everywhere, from morning to night. Some are pleasant and relaxing, others unpleasant and intoxicating. Odors are surer than sound or sights to make our heart-strings crack. They bring back memories and influence our behavior. Depending on the fragrance, odors can calm, relax, stimulate associations, evoke, frighten and arouse us. In fact, we have the capacity to distinguish up to 10,000 different odors that influence our memory and feelings and impact our quality of life

These are just a few statements that clearly indicate the importance of odors on our well-being and have recently encouraged a number of American and Japanese companies to use fragrances as a new marketing tool (called Olfactive Marketing). In fact, recent tests have proven that people will stay longer in a store with pleasant odors, that it also has a positive effect on the perception of a product and will influence the purchase decision.


Essential oils are a non-oily and highly fragrant essences which are extracted from a plant by distillation, and which evaporate readily. The oils are present in tiny droplets in a large number of plants, especially those most commonly used for their culinary and medicinal properties. They can occur in roots, leaves, flowers, barks, resins and the rind of some fruits.

Essential oils are injected into the atmosphere to sanitize the air, repel insects and provide a pleasant scent. The deodorization characteristics of the essential oils are the result of their antiseptic capability: they destroy the cause of odors (chemicals, tobacco, mustiness, lavatories, etc.) rather than simply cover them like most common deodorants. The extreme volatility of essential oils provides a quick and particularly efficient diffusion.


The areas of application of the Naturex system are unlimited. Whether the objective is to increase the number of walk-in clients in a retail store, to improve working conditions for personnel, to create a particular ambiance at home, the office or reception area, or simply to deal efficiently with undesired odors, Naturex provides a proven solution and professional service.

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