1. Use Naturex containers which accommodate the exact size of the wick(s) to prevent the wick(s) from popping out when in use and hitting the rotating fan of the Naturex Air Freshener dispenser. Proper wick installation helps prevent spillage if the unit is hit or bumped.

  2. Start with fresh Naturex refill fragance and new wicks in a clean, empty container at every refill interval to obtain the same consistent results (never reuse old wicks and never mix fragrances).

  3. Check, inspect and maintain your Naturex Air freshener unit regularly. A small bristle paint brush will help remove dust and dirt from hard to reach places and a cloth dampened with water and soft soap will easily clean the unit in and out.

  4. Install Naturex Air Freshener dispenser units in close proximity to the entrance of the area to be fragranced, close to but not above the door. Follow this simple rule: if the door opens into the service area, install the dispenser on the "knob" side of the door; if the door opens out of the service area, install the dispenser on the "hinge" side of the door.

  5. Follow all instructions supplied with the unit.


    1. Don't neglect to check and maintain your unit(s) regularly for maximum efficiency.

    2. Don't use a fully open refill jar or cup as this will cause fast evaporation, quick loss of fragrance and increase the potential for spills.

    3. Don't "top off" liquid refill by adding new fragrances to old fragrances. Also, don't reuse old wicks.

    4. Don't install diffusers under or near exhaust fans, heating vents, air conditioning vents, cold air returns or deep within the service area.

    Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the installation and maintenance of your quality Ambiance Air Freshener dispenser. Proper maintenance habits will ensure effective, consistent fragrancing results from your Naturex products for many years.

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