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Naturex designs, manufactures and markets air freshener dispensers, fragrances and odor control products for use in various Janitorial, Air Sanitation, Aromatherapy, Olfactory Marketing, and Aromachology applications.

Established in 1989, Naturex was acquired in July 2010 by GENIE-PAK Inc., a Canadian SMEs, operating from its headquarters in Stanbridge Station, Quebec, Canada.

Naturex Environmental Fragrancing Systems are used to control odors inside buildings by injecting scientifically compounded formulas, based on essential oils, into the atmosphere. This action effectively neutralizes undesired odors, leaving just a trace of the fragrance of your choice. This process improves customer relations, enhances employee mood and creates a particular ambience while promoting a clean work environment.

In 1989, Naturex conducted a market study to assess how receptive Canadians would be to this concept. The study focused primarily on the deodorization characteristics of the Naturex fragrances which in fact is due to the unique antiseptic capacity of essential oils . It became evident that the Naturex fragrances provide permanent odor control when used according to directions. Also, the variety and quality of the Naturex fragrances have aroused Canadians' interest in their use for business and therapeutic purposes.

The marketing of the Naturex system began in North America  in March 1990 and quickly established a solid distribution network in the Atlantic provinces, Québec, Ontario and the United States. Global distribution started in 1996 and has grown to include clients in the Middle East, Europe and Latin America. Tens of thousands of systems are in operation in commercial, industrial, government and professional services establishments as well as in private residences around the world.

Naturex remains at the forefront of new developments in organic fragrances and diffuser technologies through its ongoing investment in research and development. We continue to offer our clients the best environmental fragrance solutions available.

Naturex maintains a competitive edge by successfully practising the following principles:
  • Make Customer Service our highest priority
  • Offer fast and accurate shipping
  • Contribute to the protection of the environment through solutions based on natural product extracts
  • Utilize advanced computer and Internet technologies in all aspects of our operations
  • Innovate through research and development
  • Gain recognition as a highly professional, ethical, quality-oriented company
  • Promote "Entrepreneurship" through a flexible structure and a philosophy of associated companies




Naturex is committed to the protection of our environment. We strive to maximize the reuse and recycling of materials to reduce waste and eliminate any adverse impact on the environment and our community.

  • We reuse or recycle all waste paper, and cardboard packaging products.
  • We recycle all spent aluminum fragrance refill cans.
  • We recycle all spent plastic fragrance containers and box strapping.
  • We recycle other solid waste not related to our manufacturing process where facilities exist to do so (this includes batteries, printer cartridges, computer components, printed materials and glass).
  • We do not use ozone-depleting propellants in our products.

Naturex is a division of GENIE-PAK INC.

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