Wick Settings

Wick Settings 

Paper wicks are used with all Naturex Ambiance, air freshener dispensers to draw liquid fragrance from a can or plastic container for evaporation by a fan and release into the surrounding air. The height of the wick can be adjusted to evaporate more or less fragrance.

Wick Instructions

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Use one wick. Adjust the loop larger for more fragrance, or smaller for less fragrance. Sometimes two wicks are needed. Adjust the loops larger for more fragrance, or smaller for less fragrance.

Suggested Wick Settings

Small Rooms


Medium Rooms

Large Rooms


Environmental Factors Affecting Wick Setting
The higher the room temperature, the lower the wick setting
The higher the humidity, the higher the wick setting
The larger the room, the higher the wick setting

For Best Air Fragrancing Results
Set the wick height for desired evaporation.
Change the wicks each month
Wicks must touch the bottom of the container
Dispose of used wicks properly
Dispose of spent batteries and empty containers properly - recycle them where facilities exist
Keep all fragrances out of reach of children

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